What makes me qualified?Personal Injury Attorney Maryam Parman has been helping California accident victims fight for financial compensation since 1998. As a founding member of the Avrek Law Firm, she represents clients in a range of personal injury, wrongful death and insurance bad faith matters. For more than 15 years, Ms. Parman and her attorneys have won in excess of $100 million in settlements and judgments. There are almost no types of injury cases that she has not addressed, and her extensive experience allows her to maximize financial recovery for her clients time and time again. How we can help you? When you work with our law firm, we understand that this is not just a legal matter for you. It is about your well-being, your family and your future. Our attorneys know these issues can be highly emotional and we are here to support you with the compassionate service you need during this difficult time. Why choose Maryam Parman? Attorney Maryam Parman is an experienced personal injury and wrongful death attorney. She has been serving accident victims and their families in Southern California for more than 15 years. Ms. Parman is a founding partner in the Avrek Law Firm, and practices in both state and federal courts.
– $6 million settlementMotor vehicle accident case and bad faith insurance company practices; defendant’s insurance carrier failed to timely offer the policy limits – $4.75 million settlement Case against State of California for dangerous public condition – $1.3 million settlement Fatality case against City of Chino involving dangerous public condition – $1.25 million settlement Drunk driver rear-ended client’s vehicle causing serious back injuries – $1.25 Million settlement Police brutality case where client suffered two broken legs – $1 million settlement Uninsured motorist hit client’s vehicle head on causing serious neck injuries. – $700,000 settlement Pedestrian struck by motor vehicle; insurance company failed to timely pay $100,000 policy limits – $599,000 settlement Suit filed against auto manufacturer related to injuries suffered in an auto accident