Guilty driver at an automobile car crash scene in a city road.

Lyft accidents cases are different than other vehicle accidents. Unlike in a private car accident case, the rules are not that clear cut. The reason for the legal ambiguities regarding ridesharing accidents is that the drivers at ridesharing companies are considered independent contractors rather than employees.
So, who can you sue in the court for wrongful death cases involving ridesharing accidents? What are the legal requirements when it comes to filing wrongful death cases? You will know the answers here in this article.

Wrongful Death Lyft Accident Cases in California

Wrongful death refers to death caused due to willful disregard of road safety rules. The laws regarding wrongful death cases are similar to any other vehicle accident cases. However, the guilty party in case of a ridesharing accident is difficult to identify.
Drivers of a ridesharing company such as Lyft are independent contractors. This means that you can’t sue the ridesharing firm for wrongful death. Instead, you can only claim compensation from the guilty driver.
While the laws are under review regarding the status of ridesharing drivers, at the moment most drivers who work for ridesharing companies are considered independent contractors. Independent contractors are their own representatives instead of being the representatives of a company. So, you can’t sue the company that employs the independent contractor for the wrongful death of your loved one.

Contact Experience Ride-Share Attorney for Wrongful Death Cases

Always remember to contact an experienced Lyft accident attorney. Make sure that the legal attorney has experience in handling ridesharing accident cases. Ridesharing accident cases involve certain legal nuances. Understanding the legal requirements for a successful outcome of Lyft accident cases require being aware of the relevant laws regarding the ridesharing companies.
A specialized Lyft accident lawyer can provide the necessary legal guidance. In case of wrongful death case, a ridesharing attorney will present all the incriminating evidence in the court to prove the fault of
the guilty driver. To prove the guilt of the at-fault driver without any reasonable doubt, the attorney will critically evaluate all the evidence including interview witnesses and look at log details, policy reports, doctor’s recommendations, and other documents. The specialized services of an expert ridesharing attorney will increase the likelihood of a successful outcome of a ridesharing accident case.
Lastly, you should remember the Statute of Limitation also applies to wrongful death cases similar to other vehicle accidents. You need to file a case within the time limit specified in the Statute. Failing to file the case within the timeframe will make it impossible for you to get compensation from the guilty party.