An image of Uber woman driver.

Uber has radically transformed the traditional transporation industry. Today, a large number of people use ridesharing services instead of a taxi because it’s cheaper, especially for long trips. That’s why ridesharing service has become the preferred choice in large urban cities.
With more than 3 million drivers, Uber is the largest ridesharing company in the US. A large number of Uber drivers on the road has also increased the incidences of road accidents. While the data regarding Uber accidents is not available, hundreds of ridesharing accidents are presumed to take place every year.
In this post, we will explain your legal rights in California regarding a ridesharing accident when you are a passenger.

Legal Rights of Passengers Injured in an Uber Accident

Passengers injured in an Uber accident can get compensation for their losses from the insurance company of the driver who had caused the accident. However, it may not be possible to get any compensation if the driver has personal vehicle insurance.
Personal insurance policies don’t apply when a vehicle is used for commercial purposes, which includes ridesharing services. In this situation, passengers can claim compensation from the insurance company of the ridesharing company.
Every ridesharing company in California is required to carry $1 million in insurance coverage. You can get compensation from the company if the driver does not have commercial insurance coverage or the compensation received is not enough to cover your losses. However, you should note that you won’t receive any compensation from the company if the:

  • Accident occurs before the driver accepts the ride
  • Accident happens after the ride is complete
  • Driver who had caused the accident is not known
  • Driver has commercial car insurance

Another important point is that while the insurance coverage is for $1 million, you won’t receive the whole amount. Instead, the amount represents the total compensation that can be paid to ridesharing accident victims in a year.

When Should You File a Personal Injury Claim?

You can file a personal injury claim if the compensation amount received from the insurance company of the driver and the ridesharing company is not enough. But you can file the personal injury suit only against the driver — and not the company.
The reason you cannot file a personal injury claim against Uber is that drivers working for ridesharing companies are considered independent contractors and not employees.
Uber accident personal injury cases are difficult to prove in court. You need to get the help of a professional Uber accident attorney to represent your case. With years of experience in fighting ridesharing accident cases, an Uber accident lawyer will help you get the required compensation for both economic and non-economic losses.