Motorcycle helmet on the street after a fatal accident with a car.

Motorcycle accident cases generally involve serious injuries. These injuries result in not just financial losses, but they also scar the victim emotionally. The victims of a motorcycle accident often become handicapped and experience severe psychological pain.
When you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you need to contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney. The attorney will be able to assist you in getting compensation for the injuries from the party at fault.
But what damages can you claim in a motorcycle accident? Keep reading to find out the answer to this question.

Damages You Can Claim in a Motorcycle Accident

Property Damage
You will be able to claim for the replacement or repair of your motorcycle damaged in the accident. Moreover, you can also claim compensation for damage to other assets such as clothing, jewelry, and shoes among others.
Psychological Pain
Motorcycle injuries generally involve severe mental distress. You can seek damage for the psychological pain in a lawsuit against the guilty party. The emotional pain that stems from the accident includes stress, anxiety, and depression. The individual can experience a general loss of enjoyment in everyday activities.
You can file a claim for all the mental pain and emotional suffering you’ve sustained due to the injuries. A motorcycle accident lawyer will guide you on how you can determine the monetary value of the emotional losses due to the accident.
Loss of Income
If a motorcycle accident results in serious injuries that prevent you from earning an income, you can claim the damage by filing a personal injury case. This includes lost wages due to treatment sessions, physical issues, and other factors that make it difficult for you to earn an income.
Both the present and future wages lost are assessed to determine the extent of the injuries. The court considers different factors to know the exact amount of lost wages. These include occupation, experience, age, and life expectancy of the individual.

Is It Worth Filing a Motorcycle Accident Claim?

Before you file a motorcycle accident claim, you need to consider the monetary value of the damages incurred due to the accident. Find out if the costs of the personal injury case, including court fees and attorney expenses, are worth the expected compensation amount.
You should file a case only if the injuries have resulted in severe financial losses. Otherwise, it may not be feasible to file a court case as you will end up paying more than you receive from the guilty party.
An experienced California motorcycle accident attorney will help you in getting the required compensation for your injuries. The attorney will gather the evidence and guide you in successfully filing a claim against the driver at fault.