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Building Your Own Car Emergency Kit

Hopefully, you have supplies stocked in your home in case of an emergency. But did you know that getting stranded in your car is much more likely than being confined to your home for a length of time? For this reason, it is critical that you keep an emergency survival kit for your vehicle. The […]

Driving During the Winter: Things You Should Do to Prepare for Driving in Snow

Preparation is the key to survival when conditions are harsh. If you live in regions characterized by long winters, you would definitely know what we are talking about. Let’s face it: Winters are harsh and unforgiving, not only for us but for our vehicles as well. If we don’t prepare ourselves and our vehicles for […]

Traveling Alone: Tips to Make a Solo Road Trip Easier

People mostly travel for fun, but have you ever thought about traveling on your own? According to most soloist travelers, traveling alone brings a lot of fun and boosts confidence. One advantage is you can write your own itinerary and the other one is not to think too much of time compared with traveling with […]

College Road Trip: Equip the Car with 7 Tools for Emergencies

Across the country, college kids are planning their spring break travel, with most heading for the sun. Many parents look at college road trips as a rite of passage, but all of us worry about our kids’ safety. With all the gear that generally ends up in the road trip car, it’s hard to find […]

Road Trips: Snack Ideas for a Road Trip

To better enjoy your road trip and to have enough energy once you stop for activities or attractions bringing a good selection of snacks is essential. You do of course have the possibility of stopping at gas stations or fast food restaurants along the way to get the energy you need, but this is often […]

Trips for Wine Lovers: Don’t Miss Out On A Trip Wine Country

For all wine lovers, a trip to San Francisco should also consist of a day trip to some of the fine vineyards that are in driving distance of the city. Many of these vineyards have charter packages available that will pick you up and bring you on a tour through the vineyard and allow you […]

Child Safety: Choosing the Right Car Seat to Keep Your Child Safe in a Car

Car Seat Types The car seat you buy will depend upon the height, weight and age of your child. Your baby will go through different stages that require different types of car seats. Don’t trade up to the next stage too quickly. It is important to keep your child in a rear-facing car seat for […]

How to Keep Your Teenager Safe: What to Must Know Before Handing over the Car Keys

There are probably all kinds of thoughts going through your mind during this period of parenthood. Your innocent, young child has reached a milestone in life that brings a new freedom they have been dreaming about for the last 15-16 years! Your child’s dependence on you has just been reduced tremendously and we know you […]

Workplace Accidents and How to Prevent Them: Muscle Cramps

One of the most common complaints that riddles physicians involve painful muscle cramps and what to do about them. Likely you’ve gotten your fair share of them too, especially if you’re active and exercise regularly. Sometimes they’re just a vague, achy “charley horse” or tightness, and other times muscle cramps can be a deep, intense, […]

Involved in a Car Accident? Keep This Checklist of What to Do Next

Any of the steps you take right after the accident will most likely reduce the chance of worsening the injuries you might have endured, help to secure a quick settlement with your insurance company, keep you in good terms with the law and it might even save a few lives. However, whenever you find yourself […]