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What to Do When Injured by a Lyft Driver in California?

Lyft ridesharing service has become popular in California. Most people trust their Lyft drivers to drive them safely to their destinations. However, sometimes, things go bad and an accident occurs due to the negligence of the diver. If you have been injured in a Lyft accident, you can sue the guilty party for the injuries. […]

Filing Wrongful Death Claims After Fatal Lyft Accidents

Lyft accidents cases are different than other vehicle accidents. Unlike in a private car accident case, the rules are not that clear cut. The reason for the legal ambiguities regarding ridesharing accidents is that the drivers at ridesharing companies are considered independent contractors rather than employees. So, who can you sue in the court for […]

Tips for Seeking Compensation in a Uber Accident Case

Ride-hailing companies have changed the way people get around. Most people find the service fast, convenient, and easy. The unique business model of the ride-sharing service has also created complexitybwhen it comes to filing a personal injury claim in the court. The fact is that Uber accident cases are handled differently as compared to regular […]

Differences Between Ride-sharing and Traditional Vehicle Accident Lawsuits

Today ride-sharing services are preferred by individuals and businesses due to being cheaper especially for longer routes. Uber, Lyft and other ride-sharing companies have ushered in a new era of transport business. The concept of ride-sharing that started with the establishment of Uber in 2009 in San Francisco, California represented a radical innovation. If you […]

Why Keep a Medical Journal After an Auto Accident?

Auto accident victims need to take a number of steps to maximize the chances of obtaining the maximum possible settlement amount. And one of the most important steps includes creating a trail of evidence to back up the injury claim. Medical record of the injury is vital after a car or motorcycle accident to increase […]

4 Tips to Maximize Recovery in a Ride Share Accident

Ride-sharing accident cases are rising in California. Although there are no official statistics regarding ride-share accidents, news stories regularly reveal gruesome cases of Uber or Lyft accident. Those involved in the ride-share accident suffer great financial hardship and emotional turmoil due to the accident. Accidents involving Uber and Lyft involve certain legal complexities. The ride-sharing […]

Calculating Damages in Ride Sharing Accident Cases in California

Ride-sharing services have become extremely popular in California. But the increase in ride-sharing cars has also increased the risk of auto accidents. One question that comes to the mind of most people regarding ride-share accidents is how damages are calculated. A victim of an Uber accident proves to the court the number of losses sustained […]

Auto Accident Culpability in Case of Prescription Drugs Usage

Auto accidents can happen due to many reasons. One of the little known reasons for the accident is impairment due to prescription drug usage. The thinking skills and reaction time of a driver can become impaired by the side-effects of prescription medications. The risk of auto accidents is mainly dependent on the age of the […]

Important Information about Ride- Sharing Accident Cases in California

Millions of people in the US use ride-sharing apps to get around town. The two most popular ride-sharing apps include Uber and Lyft. These ride-sharing companies have received rave reviews for their much-needed service that in most cases is more affordable than the alternative taxi hailing services. But the ride-sharing companies have also received negative […]

3 Valuable Tips for Coping with Injuries After a Ride-sharing Accident

Ridesharing services have become quite popular in California. One study pointed out that they have worsened congestion problem in urban big cities such as San Francisco. Moreover, the increasing number of ridesharing drivers has also lead to an increased incidence of traffic accidents. Getting injured in an accident can be a traumatic experience. Emotions generally […]