Bicycle Accidents

In Southern California, bicycling is a year-round affair. From children riding with friends, to commuters and those seeking exercise, many people enjoy cycling every day. Unfortunately, bike riding can take a devastating turn due to a negligent or distracted car driver. Every year thousands of bicyclists sustain serious injuries after being hit by motor vehicles. For these accident victims, nothing is more important than their physical recovery. However, medical care and rehabilitation are not cheap, so it is vital to consult with a personal injury attorney for help in securing financial compensation.

Fighting For Your Future Well-Being

Attorney Maryam Parman provides the much-needed legal guidance for those who have been injured in bicycle accidents. Backed by more than 15 years of experience, Ms. Parman has helped hundreds of accident victims secure fair and favorable settlements and verdicts. We understand that your future well-being depends on being able to pay for your medical care and recover money for any lost wages. We work tirelessly to secure the necessary evidence to prove your claim.

Causes Of Bike Accidents In California

Defense counsel will often insist that injured cyclists were not following bike laws and therefore are somewhat to blame for the accident. However, in reality, many car/bike accidents are the result of a driver who was either distracted or simply not paying close enough attention. Motor vehicle drivers often make right turns without checking to see if there is a bike next to them. Other drivers hit bike riders when they plow through an intersection or drive drunk. Regardless of the specifics of your bike accident, our lawyers will investigate all potential causes in order to establish liability and maximize your recovery.

In the event you were injured in a hit-and-run bike accident, our lawyers can help obtain compensation for you through a state-sponsored program for victims of crime and through your own uninsured motorist coverage.

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