Bus Accident Attorney

Attorney Maryam Parman and her associates represent bus accident victims who were injured while riding a bus or while boarding/exiting a bus, or who were injured when a bus hit the vehicle they were in. Ms. Parman has extensive experience in personal injury law, and has secured significant settlements and verdicts for past clients, many in the millions of dollars.

Our attorneys handle accident claims involving a range of buses, including:

  • Intercity buses
  • Omnitrans
  • Long-distance buses, such as Greyhound
  • Charter buses
  • Airport transfer buses
  • Hotel buses
  • School buses
  • Motor coaches

When The Bus Driver And/Or Bus Company Is At Fault

Individuals must meet strict qualification criteria in order to operate a bus. However, sometimes the bus company allows unsafe drivers on the road when it fails to conduct proper background checks, hires inexperienced drivers, or does not provide proper training. Likewise, bus drivers are held to a strict standard of conduct while on the road. This means no cellphone use, no texting and no distracting activity while driving. This also means bus drivers must adhere to drive time limits and not operate buses when they are fatigued or overworked.

When the bus company or the bus driver does not uphold these safety requirements, accidents happen and people are seriously injured. When you work with our lawyers, we will investigate all potential avenues for liability — starting with the bus driver and the bus company. Whether you were a bus passenger, or in another car that a bus hit, if negligence on the part of the bus driver or company caused your accident, we will find out and hold them accountable.

When Another Driver Caused The Bus Accident In Which You Were Injured

Not all bus accidents are the result of bus driver or bus company negligence. In many cases, another motorist is at fault for crashing into a bus. On city streets, impatient drivers often fail to yield when buses are pulling away from passenger stops. On highways, distracted drivers may cut off a bus or veer into its lane. These dangerous drivers put everyone on the bus at risk, and also risk the safety of surrounding vehicles.

If you were injured when a car crashed into the bus you were on, our lawyers can help. If you were injured in a pileup involving a bus and another vehicle, we can also help. Our lawyers are known for taking on the most serious personal injury cases, and winning. We understand how to address difficulties like multiple involved parties, multiple layers of liability and multiple insurance companies.

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