Car Accident Attorney in Pasadena

Car accidents are inevitable.

Due to the heavy traffic in Pasadena, and its unpredictable drivers, chances are that most people will be in at least one car accident in the course of their life.

When you are in an accident, you may be tempted to drive on your own, especially if there were no serious injuries.

However, you may be missing out on valuable compensation by not hiring a Pasadena car accident lawyer.

Main Causes of Car Accidents in Pasadena

Among the growing number of car accidents that occur each year in Pasadena, specialists have made a list of the most common causes that result in a vehicular accident:

  • Speeding: Driving at high speed produces an increase of adrenaline in the drivers that prevents them from visualizing and reacting to the possible risks in front of them. It is not the same to control your car at 60 k/h than trying to regain control at 120 k/h.
  • Distractions: Using the cell phone, applying makeup, eating, manipulating the radio, and updating or entering a GPS route, are the most common actions that cause many accidents. While driving your vehicle you must be concentrated in your environment to be able to predict risky situations. Driving with some distraction is a guarantee of an accident sooner or later.
  • Disregard of traffic regulations: In this day and age thanks to Information Technologies, it is common to see all kinds of videos on the Internet where drivers do not respect traffic signals and immediately get involved in a crash.
  • Alcohol and drugs: Just never do this. Drinking or being under the influence of some narcotic drastically reduces all reflexes. In addition, ‘driving under the influence’ is liable to fines and/or legal penalties in Pasadena and the rest of California.
  • Fatigue: Avoid situations of danger that can lead to serious injuries for both passengers and others. Drowsiness decreases your reflexes considerably; it will prevent you from reacting in time if there is any obstacle on the way and increases your chances of getting off the road.


car accident injuries

Common Injuries From Car Accidents in Pasadena

  • Injuries to the legs – including fracture to the femur, tibia, fibula or bones in the ankles and feet, nerve damage in feet and legs
  • Internal and pelvic injuries – including fractures of the hip or pelvic bone; injury or perforation to the kidneys, spleen, liver or other organs
  • Back injuries – including herniated discs and vertebral fractures, sprains and muscle tearing
  • Spinal injuries – when the spinal cord is injured or broken by fragments of bone or ligaments; this can cause chronic pain, neural damage or paralysis, and/or limited mobility
  • Chest and arm injuries – including fractures of the humerus, radius, or ulna in the arm; broken or cracked ribs; sternum fractures; perforation of lungs; or cardiac lacerations
  • Cervical injuries – including whiplash; tearing of neck muscles; cervical dislocation; damage to the vertebrae, vertebral discs or ligaments in the neck; laryngeal or tracheal lesions; cervical fracture
  • Head and face injuries – including lacerations, mandibular fracture and ocular orbit; nasal fracture; dental damage; total or partial loss of the senses of hearing or sight
  • Traumatic brain injury – including concussions or lacerations, swelling or bleeding of the brain; this can cause dizziness, memory loss, or reduced motor control
  • Psychological Injuries – including post-traumatic stress disorder, emotional distress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, or fear of driving or being inside a vehicle


Contact a Car Accident Attorney in Pasadena

Car accident victims often obtain much lower compensation than they could receive.

Insurance companies are businesses, and it is not profitable to pay large sums of money to the victims.

In addition, many victims are unaware of the amount to which they are entitled, so they are inclined to accept the first offer they receive from the insurance company.

For these reasons, it is best for victims to get legal advice from experts who are familiar with these types of lawsuits to get a fair settlement.

Our car accident attorneys are ready to fight for you.



How Much is My Car Accident Worth?

The compensation for damages attempts to compensate the victim of traffic accidents for the losses suffered and the changes that these losses imply in their life.

Compensation can cover:

  • Medical expenses
  • Future medical expenses
  • Wage loss
  • Loss of production capacity or generation of income

Non-economic damages are more difficult to quantify and compensate the plaintiff for:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of marital benefits


how long to file a claim

How Long do I Have to Take Legal Action?

In almost all situations, the limitation period to issue a claim in Pasadena-California is two years from the date of death or the injury caused by the car accident.

Finding out which of these options applies to you – the date of the injury or the date of death – can be difficult and involve numerous factors.

Types of Car accidents in Pasadena

All types of traffic accidents, ranging from rear-end accidents with minor property damage, to intersecting collisions by a total of involved vehicles, can cause serious injury to the occupants of the vehicles that took part in the accident.

Most collisions require a Pasadena personal injury lawyer.

Some of the most common types are the following:

  • Frontal collision.
  • Rear collision.
  • Side collision.
  • Rotational collision.

Is a Lawyer Really Necessary?

The answer is yes,

If you have been injured in a car accident, then we suggest that you find a car accident lawyer in Pasadena.

Insurance companies rush to settle their claim well below fair value.

With the help of an experienced and audacious specialized lawyer, you will be able to get the most value out of your claim.

Also, you will not have to deal directly with the insurance company because your personal injury lawyer will do this for you.


Car Accident Checklist – 5 Things To Do After a Car Accident

  • Determine what the damage was

The key is to determine if there are injuries.

  • Contact the authorities

Keep calm and request assistance and report the number of injuries and seriousness to send an ambulance, firefighters or whatever is required to the scene of the accident, to stabilize the wounded and save lives.

In case the accident does not merit the presence of the police or authorities, ask if you can make the complaint by phone or on the Internet and how you can obtain an official report of the accident.

  • Collect as much information as possible

Obtain all possible information, photos of the accident site, the damage of the vehicle and the traffic signs present at the scene.

Get the name and address of each and every person in the car, yours and others, as well as potential witnesses of the accident.

  • Initiate the claim process immediately

The next step is to tell your insurance company about the accident. There are agreements established between insurers.

Once the responsible person can be determined, the insurance company will start the compensation process.

  • Take notes and call your lawyer

Take note of the conversations and the people with whom you interact with along with your insurer, so that you can keep track of your case and reduce time talking to people who are not aware of your case.

It is also a good idea to have a car accident lawyer to help you deal with unfair insurers.