It was a rainy afternoon in Los Angeles on June 15 of this his year. Roberto Gomez, 39, was driving on Interstate 5, the view of the road was terrible because it was pouring rain and fog clouded the surroundings. Although he had to be home before 7 pm, Roberto was going at the right speed according to the safety limits of the highway. Suddenly and without warning, a car at full speed skidded thanks to the humidity of the highway and recklessness behind the wheel, impacting on the back of Gomez’s car. Roberto loses control of his vehicle and in turn, ends up hitting another car that was on the highway as well.
The three involved parties get off their vehicles, and Roberto realizes that the driver who hit him was a young woman who was texting while driving, then notices the other driver whom he had hit and notes him quite annoyed by the situation. Several people stop at the place to help and Roberto, in the heat of the moment, starts exclaiming exasperated:

“It was my fault! It was my fault! Do not worry about me paying you.”

A few days later Roberto receives a statement from the driver’s insurance where he sees the high figure that he is required to pay for repairs. Roberto decides to seek the help of an attorney specialized in traffic accidents. Roberto gives the details of the accident to his lawyer and the attorney informs him that he was not the negligent party, rather the woman who was texting while driving. However, upon contacting the woman, the lawyer discovers what his client had admitted liability for the incident at the scene.
The lawyer informs Roberto that after an accident you should never admit guilt of any kind until an attorney with experience in these type of cases digs every detail of the accident and that his statement made him the negligent party in the accident. As there were independent witnesses who had also heard Roberto’s statement, the decision was unappealable.
Roberto Gómez ended up being responsible for an accident he did not commit simply because he admitted his fault at the accident site, and he was forced to pay more than $4,000 in repairs to the other two parties involved in the accident, including the one that caused the accident in the first place.

For this reason, if you are involved in a traffic accident, you should never admit liability, even if you are convinced that it was your fault you must first contact a lawyer who specializes in traffic accidents whose experience will be able to notice possible clues that may indicate one or more negligent parties.
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