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What Are the Legal Rights of Passengers Injured in an Uber Accident?

Uber has radically transformed the traditional transporation industry. Today, a large number of people use ridesharing services instead of a taxi because it’s cheaper, especially for long trips. That’s why ridesharing service has become the preferred choice in large urban cities. With more than 3 million drivers, Uber is the largest ridesharing company in the […]

Road Rage: How to Cope of with It

Road rage is a behavior that causes accidents, violence, and other driving-related mishaps. Once it consumes you, you are driven to a mad frenzy, making your driving more aggressive, sometimes to the point of being vengeful to other drivers. Careless driving leads to many things, none of them pleasant. So, you should always keep your […]

Disaster: How to Prepare for an Earthquake

What Is the Expected Earthquake Damage to Your Home and Community? Your home may have some level of structural damage to its foundations, walls, anchorage of walls to the floor or roof, masonry chimney, and around the garage opening or large window openings if soft story conditions are met. On the other hand, damage to […]

Emergency Evacuation: Are Your Prepared for the Worst?

Over that last several years, our country has experienced several catastrophes that lead people to flee their homes, often with little notice. Whether the California fires, the Katrina hurricane or some other natural disaster or emergency situation, you must have a plan for safely and quickly evacuating your home with the documents and personal records […]

Get Your Fun in the Sun on a California Road Trip!

A California road trip along the coast is the quintessential road trip with its breathtaking views, footloose feeling, and the many attractions, cities, and towns to visit along the way.   Everyone agrees – from travel writers to average road trippers – that a California road trip that includes Route 1 (the Pacific Coast Highway) […]

Road Trips: Snack Ideas for a Road Trip

To better enjoy your road trip and to have enough energy once you stop for activities or attractions bringing a good selection of snacks is essential. You do of course have the possibility of stopping at gas stations or fast food restaurants along the way to get the energy you need, but this is often […]

Trips for Wine Lovers: Don’t Miss Out On A Trip Wine Country

For all wine lovers, a trip to San Francisco should also consist of a day trip to some of the fine vineyards that are in driving distance of the city. Many of these vineyards have charter packages available that will pick you up and bring you on a tour through the vineyard and allow you […]

SuperWoman SuperLawyer and My Woman Wednesday

Maryam Parman is a SuperWoman and SuperLawyer And Maryam takes pride in giving back and supporting the local community. Check out “My Woman Wednesday”