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Involved in a Car Accident? Keep This Checklist of What to Do Next

Any of the steps you take right after the accident will most likely reduce the chance of worsening the injuries you might have endured, help to secure a quick settlement with your insurance company, keep you in good terms with the law and it might even save a few lives. However, whenever you find yourself […]

Stop! Don’t do it! The One Thing You Must Never Do After a Car Accident

It was a rainy afternoon in Los Angeles on June 15 of this his year. Roberto Gomez, 39, was driving on Interstate 5, the view of the road was terrible because it was pouring rain and fog clouded the surroundings. Although he had to be home before 7 pm, Roberto was going at the right […]

Stages of a Car Accident Injuries Lawsuit

If you’ve been in a car accident, injuries and damages to your car may have you thinking about whether or not you should sue the other driver. If, in talking to your insurance agent and an attorney, you are convinced on whether you should, then you ought to learn about the sometimes long path you […]